Faucet Repair in Oxnard, CA

Faucet Repair & Installation

Faucet repairs is one of the most common home repairs, but can cause you hours of frustration. A leaky faucet can go undetected for months and can leave you paying extra on your water bill. This money is literally going down your drain if you don't fix it.

There are several different types of faucets, all of which can be repaired or maintained easily by the plumbing experts at Ventura County Plumbing & Rooter. Be sure to have your leaky faucets repaired and don't wait any longer! Call Ventura County Plumbing & Rooter for your one stop faucet repair shop.


How To Look For A Leaky Faucet

  • The stem screw is used to hold the handle of the faucet down. Within the stem is a small rubbery disc that creates an air-tight seal for the faucet handle. These Oings can become worn out, causing a leak in the fixture.
  • A corroded valve seat can occur due to the build-up of water sediments that corrode the spout area, causing a leak. Try to have these valve seats cleaned regularly yourself, or by the experienced technicians at Ventura County Plumbing & Rooter.
  • The most common problem behind a leaky faucet is the worn-out washers. Every time you turn the handle you are forcing the washers against the valve seat, which after many years can cause a drip around the spout. Keep an eye out for any water appearing around the handles.
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