Sewer Pipe Repair in Ventura, CA

Pipe Repair & Installation

Inside or outside your home Ventura County Plumbing & Rooter has the knowledge and equipment to re-pipe water and sewer lines at your home or office. Galvanized water lines can become restricted with buildup of lime and calcium. This will decrease the water pressure throughout your house hold. If you are having low pressure problems, check out the tips section to get your pressure back to normal!

High water pressure can cause several problems to your home. These problems can range from loud pipes to a shortened water heater life and burst pipes. If you notice your home has to high of water pressure (55-65 PSI) be sure to call professional plumber to come install or replace your pressure valve.


How to Check For Low Water Pressure

  • Check the shut off valve: Most shut off valves are ball valves with a long leaver attached to them. Sometimes these leavers can get pushed slightly closed causing your water pressure to go down.
  • Check the pipe size of your pipes most pipes are ¾ inch pipes and sometimes they will install ½ inch pipes which will drop your water pressure. Call a licensed plumber to replace the ½ inch pipes with ¾ inch. This will bring your water pressure back up to normal levels.
  • Leaks do happen and even small ones can cause a lost in water pressure be sure to check around the house and outside for wet spots. You will also know if your water bill is increasing when you haven’t used excess water.
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