Water Heater Repair in Ventura, CA

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Is your water heater not producing enough hot water for you and your family on a regular basis?

There is nothing worse than getting in the shower or bath in the morning, just to have your hot water run out half-way through. This can ruin your day and if it’s happening frequently, that could indicate that you have an issue with your hot water heater.

If this is happening to you on a regular basis, the first step is to make sure that your demand for hot water does not exceed your tank's capacity. Your water heater should have 75% of its capacity as hot water.  If your family is using more hot water than your water heater can manage, try limiting your showers to shorter periods of time, along with doing laundry and washing your dishes at different times of the day. If you're still not able to have hot water when you need it most, call Ventura County Plumbing & Rooter located in Ventura CA, to get a quote on an upgraded unit to keep your household happy!


Hot Water Heater Maintenance

  • Adjusting the temperature down on your unit by 10 degrees, can save up to 5% on energy costs.
  • Drain a quarter of your water heater tank a few times a year to prevent sediment and debris from building up in your tank.
  • Insulate around the tank and pipes to increase efficiency on older tanks.
  • Schedule an annual maintenance check-up with Ventura County Plumbing & Rooter at least once every other year to make sure everything is functioning perfectly.
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